Speciality Games

Casino Speciality Games  Online at SilversandsTo play casino games, you should select Speciality from the bottom menu of the casino interface welcome screen, where you will see the speciality games that are available at Silversands Casino.

Here there are a number of casino speciality games that you can preview including Scratch Card Games, Keno & Bingo as well as a number of different Table Games. As a lay user you only need to click on the respective tabs; then do so on your game of choice. That will give you pertinent information relevant to that game.

Among the Speciality Games enlisted, you will note that clicking on any of the names throws up a preview of the same. This is useful since it serves as a precursor for you to know the kind of interface you will be dealing with. For instance, if you choose Craps as shown in the image, then the preview portion gives you a good idea of the kind of visual you will see once you actually start playing. As soon as you are sure about the game you wish to play, you can go ahead and press the Play button – you will be able to play the Speciality Game in question, immediately!

Moreover, bear in mind that help is always available anytime you need it, so do not hesitate to seek it! This will only help you play your favourite game with ease.

Also, you need not pay to play from the get go – you can always start by playing Speciality Games for free – once you get a good flavour of all that is in store, you can begin playing with money.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Silversands Casino software to start playing NOW!

Some of the Speciality Games that you could play on Silversands Casino Online include:

Play European Roulette Online – Summary

Europlean Roulette at Silversands DescriptionAs you might be aware, there are two forms of the game of Roulette that you can choose to play – either European or American. Either way, the primary principle is that of a little white ball that is dropped onto a wheel that spins, containing slots with various colours and numbers.

Your aim as a savvy Roulette player is to correctly predict the number (or even group of numbers will do) and colour where the ball will ultimately come to rest. At this juncture it would be pertinent to mention that European Roulette has 37 numbers of slots including a 0 slot on the wheel.

Finally, as far as bets go, they can either be inside or outside.

Play Craps Casino Speciality Game Online – Summary

Craps Speciality Game Silversands DescriptionHere your aim is to correctly predict the number which will eventually be rolled. This is a game played out in rounds, the preliminary round beginning with the first toss of the dice, also referred to as the come-out roll. Your bet may of course mean that either win or lose that round. Yet, there is also the possibility that you neither win nor lose; in such a case, the Point is deemed to be the rolled number.

Such rounds of Craps continue till the Point we mentioned above is reached or the number 7 is rolled over.

Play Bingo  at Silversands Online Casino – Summary

Enjoy Bingo Online at SilversandsHere the aim is to match things up using cards. Numbers are covered as per paytable combinations that could be anything such as 2L or 3L or even 4L. They could also be diagonal lines or 4 corners. In all, Bingo offers 44 balls that can be pulled out.

As the name suggests, these are games which lie in a league of their own – they are unique, and hence very special. Instances of such speciality games include Scratch Cards, Keno, Bingo, and a few of the Table Games. Simply click on the Speciality tab where you will get to preview all the various Speciality Games on offer. This will in turn show you the categories under which you can choose Speciality Games such as Scratch Cards, Bingo, Keno, and more.

Software Download and Round the Clock Support

If you have not already done so, may we remind you that you need to download the Silversands Casino software before you can play these casino games and also you will always have help easily available from the 24/7 Silversands support team.

Welcome Deposit Bonus and Weekly and Ongoing Promotions

Silversands Casino offer a range of promotions which all registered plays should take advantage of.  These include deposit bonus offers and more.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer.

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